Dolphin Brewery

Dolphin Brewery is a nano brewery specialising in fruity sours

Double Barrelled Brewery

Double Barrelled Brewery is located in Tilehurst, on the western edge of Reading, and produces the iconic Ding and Parka beers that can be found all over the town.

Elusive Brewing

Elusive Brewing is a craft brewery founded in 2016, based just outside Reading in Finchampstead. They are famous for their multi-award winning Oregon Trail, and numerous collaborations with other breweries

FutureState Brewery

FutureState is a nano brewery specialising in IPAs and the 80s

Loddon Brewery

Loddon Brewery is based in a farm on the edge of Reading, focusing on traditional English ales

Mysterious Brewing

Mysterious Brewing is a new brewery in 2023, based in Silchester, just outside Reading

Phantom Brewery

Phantom is a brewery in the very heart of Reading, focusing strongly on fruity IPAs.

Siren Craft Brew

Siren Craft Brew, located south of Reading, is the region’s largest craft brewery